About Cuppa

The world of Cuppa is the ideal place to imbibe the essence of “ two leaves and a bud” or the “bean” if you are so inclined.

Cuppa celebrates the life refreshing beverages that writers have celebrated in words and artists in images. The colours of white in Cuppa has been chosen for its positive energy. In terms of Feng Shui, Red is a Yang colour, while white and black are both Yin colours. Red the colour of celebration, is hot, it symbolizes energy and power. It is also the colours of our ambience for our important people like our customers – tread. White is a strong contrast to red. It stands for wholeness and completion, openness and truth. White tones down the “ power of red”. The tradition of Cuppa the wooden chairs and the tables of Kolkata, well done tea house and the India Coffee House of old, have been replaced with contemporary furniture. But the purpose of Cuppa is the same. Gather here if you want to discuss business or creative ideas or even affairs of the state. The colour scheme and menu will boost your energy. The all pervasive odour of “ life giving brew “ will act as a stimulant. The seating will work whether you are grabbing some nourishment while working, or gathering with friends. All the menu will allow you to be adventurous with your food and drink or you could settle for a conventional hot cup of tea or coffee and a brownie.

About Company

Concorde Cuppa Beverages Pvt Ltd brings to you Cuppa, with a wide range of revitalizing teas and coffees to refresh you before you get into the day’s grind or to pick you up when your energy is flagging.

  • The Brand Was born in 2008, with the opening of the first outlet in 2009 at Bangalore.
  • Cuppa as a café carries a varied choices of beverages & refreshments.
  • We indulge in serving a variety of Tea’s & Coffee’s from National to International flavors.
  • Target segment: All age groups


  • Mr. Sunil R G, Executive Director
  • Mr. Nesar B S, Executive Director
  • Mr. Anil R G, Executive Director
  • Ms. Lakshmi B S,Executive Director
  • Mr. Sushil Kumar, Retail Head